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Die Attach
Epoxy die attach, flip chip, sintering, eutectic attach,
multi-chip module
X/Y placement accuracy: ±7μm @ 3 sigma
Theta placement accuracy: ±0.15° @ 3 sigma
Die thickness down to 20μm
Speed: up to 7,000 units per hour
Integrated dispense
Material presentations: grip ring and film frame (for
wafers up to 300mm), waffle pack, Gel-Pak
Substrates: FR4, ceramic, BGA, flex, boat, lead-
frame, waffle pack, Gel-Pak, JEDEC tray

Solder Reflow
Accommodates 18” wide boards and substrates and
maximum clearance of 2.2”
Tunnel length of 105” includes 9 heating zones each
with independently controlled top and bottom heaters
Maximum temperature 450 °C with PID temperature
control ± 1°C per zone and ± 3° cross-belt
temperature tolerance
Internal controlled cooling zone 30” length includes
3 cooling zones with top and bottom cooling
Balanced flow of air or nitrogen capable of producing
controlled atmospheres less than 25 ppm O2
CPK & SPC data and alarm logging with timed
download and profile printout capability

Vacuum Solder Reflow
Flux-less and void-free soldering
Hermetic package sealing
Controlled cooling in N2 gas
Automatic control of vacuum and gas backfill
Vacuum minimum 50mTorr
Chamber gas pressure maximum 40psig
Operating temperature range of 100 to 500°C
Uniform heat distribution supplied by single sheet
graphite heating element
Automatic control of heating and cooling ramp rates
Formic acid capable
12.0x12.0 inch thermal working area

Datacon Die Attach System
SST 5100 Vacuum Solder Reflow
Heller Solder Reflow Oven
Test & Inspection