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Wafer Dicing
Max wafer size: 6” diameter (round or square) and
up to 10mm thick
Utilizes tape rings or grip rings to hold materials
Performs cutting, dicing and scribing operations
Spindle speeds: 3,000 to 60,000 rev/min
Resolution of the axes:
---- X Axis – 0.1 mm
---- Y Axis – 100 nanometres
---- Z Axis – 100 nanometres
---- Theta axis: 6 million lines; 0.0004 ° resolution
Dicing speed: 0.1-500mm/sec

Wafer Inspection
Stage accommodates up to 200 mm wafers
Typical image size 2752 x 2200 pixels with 4.54 µm
resolution per pixel with repeatability ± 2 µm
Brightfield/Darkfield Optics at 2.5x and 5x with high
spatial resolution camera imaging 19 fps
Automatic reporting generated includes defect
density maps and defect count histograms
Software includes Die Yield Analyzer for patterned
wafer recognition
Programmable automatic quantification and
qualification of features of interest
Programmable automatic and manual image capture parameters of focus, lighting, magnification, and

Die Sort
Die size: ≥0.17mm square and up
Die thickness: ≥0.020mm
Max wafer size: 300mm
Videoscope alignment uses either pattern
recognition or vision system two point alignment
Blade capacities: 50mm to 76.2mm
Range of materials includes Alumina, BGA and
CBGA moldings, Ceramic, Glass, Lead, Zirconate
Titanate, Fibre Board and Silicon

LoadPoint Wafer Dicing
Nanotronics nSpec Automated
Test & Inspection