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Precision Measurement
• Programmable high-speed three axis non-contact
and contact coordinate measuring machine
• A2LA calibrated and certified
• 250 x 200 x 200 mm measuring envelope
• Non-Contact vision measurement capable
• 1x and 5x lenses
• Vision Measurement Accuracy
• XY-axis: (2.0 + 3L / 1000) µm
• Z-axis: (3.0 + 5L / 1000) µm
• Contact touch probe measurement capable
• Renishaw standard force and low force modules
• Touch Measurement Accuracy
• XYZ-axis: (2.4 + 3L / 1000) µm

Acoustic Microscopy
Available transducers: 15Mhz, 30MHz, 50MHz,
75MHz, 100MHz, 230MHz
Imaging techniques available: Surface, Interface,
Bulk, Loss of back echo, tray scanning, Q-BAM,
Thru-scan, STAR Mode, and virtual rescanning
12” x 12” scan area
Up to 16K x 16K (268 Megapixels) Very High-Res
(VHR™) Enhanced Scanning and Data Acquisition
Format with Zoom Enlargement (4K x 4K standard)
Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector simultaneously displays both phase (i.e., polarity) and amplitude

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Resolution: 4nm @ 1kV, 1.5nm @ 15kV
Imaging field: 3.5mm
Sample size: 50mm diameter max
Electron gun: cold-cathode field emission
Robinson Backscattered Electron (BSE) detector
X-ray EDS

3D X-Ray
µCT technique to create 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a printed circuit board assembly without the need
to cut the board
160 kV Tube with up to 10 W Tube Power
Nordson DAGE 2 Mpixel @ 25fps XiDAT3 Digital
Image Intensifier with Real Time Image
Geometric Magnification 2,000x, System 12,000x
and Total 60,000x with Digital Zoom
Maximum Board Size: 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580 mm)
70° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification

Characterizes and quantifies topographical features
---- Surface Roughness
---- Step Height
---- Critical Dimensions
Non-Destructive Tests
Profile heights ranging·from <·1 nm up to 20000·µm·
Vertical Scan Range 150 µm
Max Scan Area 20 µm
Maximum Sample Size 89 x 203 x 203 mm
RMS Repeatability < 0.01 nm (0.0004 µin) RMSσ
Step Height Accuracy ≤ 0.75% Repeatability
≤0.1% @ 1σ
5x Objective, 20x Objective, 10x Glass
Compensated Objective

Bond Tester
Perform destructive and non-destructive force testing to bonds
Export data and reports into Word, Excel, and .csv
Customizable data tables and graphs
Fitted with top down camera for inspection pictures • • after bond test is performed
Currently available test cartridges:
---- T1KG – Tweezer and stud pull up to 1 kilogram
---- S250G – Shear up to 250 grams
---- S50KG - Shear up to 50 kilograms
---- P100G – Hook pull up to 100 grams
---- PP50KG – Push/Pull up to 50 kilograms
Accuracy +/-0.1% of the full scale for the selected
Step Height Accuracy ≤ 0.75% Repeatability
≤0.1% @ 1σ

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