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SMART Microsystems’ William Boyce Discusses “Product Launch –Ready for the Big Day?” in the Spring Issue of the MEPTEC Report

In previous SMART articles we have discussed product design concepts and developing a robust manufacturing process in microelectronics. Some of the elements leading up to and ensuring the success of “the big day” (product launch) have been presented. In theory, if an organization executed on a robust design and a properly developed assembly process, there ought to be a flawless launch. If this is the case, then why are so many product launches flawed?

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SMART Microsystems’ William Boyce Discusses “Developing a Robust Manufacturing Process in Microelectronics Assembly” in the Winter Issue of the MEPTEC Report

At SMART Microsystems we frequently help our customers resolve product weaknesses or field failures in an assembly. We also help develop microelectronic assembly processes that will reduce or eliminate field issues and quality excursions. As an ISO quality organization, we think about these scenarios as either preventative or corrective actions. Here, the operative word is action. In the former case, we are considering a corrective action to an existing weakness in a process or system. In the latter case, we are managing a preventative action...

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