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SMART Microsystems' William Boyce Discusses "Achieving Wire Bond Interconnect Process Success" in the November Issue of TAP TIMES

Over 15 trillion interconnects are formed by wire bonding each year. The vast majority of them are gold ball bonds, but aluminum wedge and ribbon bonding should not be forgotten. Wire bonding is generally considered the most cost-effective and flexible interconnect technology used to assemble semiconductor packages. So why is it that when wire bonding is mentioned as an interconnect strategy in a new development project, it raises cause for concern? Wire bonding is not a process to be taken lightly. For long term success, a robust wire bond interconnect needs a solid process.

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SMART Microsystems’ William Boyce Discusses “Developing a Robust Manufacturing Process in Microelectronics Assembly” in the Winter Issue of the MEPTEC Report

At SMART Microsystems we frequently help our customers resolve product weaknesses or field failures in an assembly. We also help develop microelectronic assembly processes that will reduce or eliminate field issues and quality excursions. As an ISO quality organization, we think about these scenarios as either preventative or corrective actions. Here, the operative word is action. In the former case, we are considering a corrective action to an existing weakness in a process or system. In the latter case, we are managing a preventative action...

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